WTF is Mercury Retrograde?

Have you been hearing people around you cussing about Mercury Retrograde and found yourself wondering what the actual F are they on about? Well, pull up a chair and I’ll share with you what I know about this phenomenon.

Retrograde means backwards step – in essence therefore Mercury in retrograde indicates that the planet is going backwards – this is merely an optical illusion. When the earth overtakes one of the outer planets, it appears that this planet, if compared to the stars is travelling in reverse. The same way I imagine that car tyres, when moving appear to be going the opposite way.

Okay, I hear you say – why on earth does this cause people to act as if the sky is falling? Simply put – astrologers and many of us following a spiritual path believe that the planets in our solar system affect us here on earth. I am sure you have heard that the ‘loonies’ come out and that crime increases around the time of a full moon. Well, when a planet goes retrograde it stands to reason that we will feel the pull of this too.

To better understand – Mercury governs communication and transportation, so when Mercury goes retrograde these are the areas of our lives that we will feel the affect on most strongly. We live in a digital age and most of our communicating is done via electronic devices connected to the internet – there are so many of us who have become so reliant on our devices that any disruption to service can lead to a whole hell of a lot of pissed off folk. And yes, it has been my experience that if anything is going to go wrong with any of my devices, it is usually during this time. I have also heard tales of issues with electronic equipment, motor vehicles and an increase in road accidents.

As we can’t go off the grid or hide for the three weeks or so that we are in Mercury Retrograde, we need to learn to prepare ourselves for the ‘what if’.

Here are some tips:

  • Note the retrograde dates in your diary (preferably one you write in with a pen, lol)
  • Starting about a week and half before D-DAY – back up your data files and pics at the end of each day
  • Ensure all your electric/electronic devices and equipment are properly maintained
  • Especially important – make sure your vehicles are regularly serviced and are in good all round condition
  • Try and arrange any important meetings around these three weeks
  • Don’t sign any documents, especially not contracts during a retrograde
  • Don’t get dragged into anyone’s drama
  • In a nutshell, err on the side of caution in all things during this period
  • When it’s over – have a salt bath, take a walk in nature and have a humungous glass of wine to celebrate.
Thanks to Pinterest for the pic.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2020:

  • 16 February – 9 March
  • 18 June – 12 July
  • 13 October – 13 November