Tarot/Oracle & Book reviews

Who doesn’t enjoy that feeling of logging onto your favourite online store, rummaging through the many awesome products to choose from and filling up your virtual basket with some really great treats? Delivery day is the best of all 🙂

I am an avid Amazon shopper, my soft spot is Tarot cards and spiritual books, my collection is growing rapidly and I am now up to 17 decks with another one arriving on Sunday. *Edit* Another three decks incoming this weekend…. 😀 Another Edit – now up to 23 decks lol!!

The other day I was looking for a new deck and the process of hunting and pecking, watching unboxings and dithering about what to buy. I was pushed for time and I thought how awesome would it be to have one site I could go to, get a review on a variety of decks or books and have the link available right there so that I could buy it without leaving the review site.

Yip, I have signed up as an Amazon associate and will start doing review videos on this site. With each review will be a link to the product that I am reviewing and all you need to do is follow that link directly from my website to access the product.

So, you get to save a bit of time, get to look at ALL the cards, not just a few as shown by the seller and you get an honest, unbiased opinion – sounds good to me!

I of course get to indulge myself and have a really good reason to buy a ton of new decks & books.

Win Win 😀

To see how easy it is, just click on the image below to be linked to one of my favourite decks – I’ll get started on those reviews as soon as time allows.