Psychology & Spirituality have always fascinated me – never did I realize just how much of an impact they would have on my life.

Saying the last six years were tough would be an understatement! Everything in my world that I considered safe and stable came crashing down around me. My health plummeted, my mental state even more. Caught up in the murk and mire of anxiety, fear, panic, change, loss, lack of self worth and probably every other negative aspect you can think of – I hit rock bottom.

I made a concerted decision to pull myself out of this bleak pit of insanity the only way I knew how. By facing my fear head on and getting to know it as intimately as I possibly could – but how do I do this effectively I wondered.

In the far reaches of my subconscious mind, the phrase ‘know your enemy’ kept repeating over and over again. I couldn’t quite put my finger on where I heard this before – so I did what any self respecting person in the 21st Century would – I keyed the phrase into Google…. and when this quote from Sun Tzu appeared, it all made absolute sense.

And this is when my journey into learning as much of myself as I possibly could began. If you are wondering who the ‘enemy’ is in my story – it is ME. I was essentially at war with myself. Mind bending I tell you!

I set out learning goals and began working my way through them, each course completed seemed to give me back a small piece of myself. I’m not 100% there yet – however I can’t shake this feeling that the next step in my healing process is to help others heal themselves! And here we are 🙂

List of Studies undertaken:

  • Shinpiden Reiki Master/Teacher – Usui Ryoho Reiki
  • Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Animal Reiki Practitioner
  • Certificate Counselling Practitioner
  • Certificate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner
  • Certificate NLP Master Practitioner
  • Diploma Life Coach Practitioner
  • Diploma in Past Life Therapy

In addition to these, I have also taken a few short courses in:

  • Shamanism
  • Tarot (I’m an avid collector and have nearly 60 Tarot & Oracle decks now)
  • Astrology & Numerology Basics
  • The Quantum Mind: Stop suffering and take back your life
  • The Definitive Guide to Chakra system and Energy healing
  • And even a few short writing courses – which I didn’t understand till now!

How can all this help you?

Approaching a problem from both a psychological and a spiritual point of view is the best of both worlds in my humble opinion. That said, if spirituality is not something you wish to incorporate in your healing – we will work exclusively with the Psychological healing tools at our disposal.

Why Spirituality you may ask:

‘Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature.
Spirituality means knowing that our lives have significance in a context beyond a mundane everyday existence at the level of biological needs that drive selfishness and aggression. It means knowing that we are a significant part of a purposeful unfolding of Life in our universe.
Spirituality involves exploring certain universal themes – love, compassion, altruism, life after death, wisdom and truth, with the knowledge that some people such as saints or enlightened individuals have achieved and manifested higher levels of development than the ordinary person. Aspiring to manifest the attributes of such inspirational examples often becomes an important part of the journey through life for spiritually inclined people.

This is a short excerpt from a article written by Dr Maya Spencer in 2012 I read which definition resonated – read the full article here



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