Lets talk about the Tarot

Thirty years ago it was near impossible to find a Tarot deck – these days we literally have a multitude of Tarot and Oracle cards that we can buy from so many different stores.

I remember coming across my first deck in a dinghy little shop in the Golden Acre Centre in Cape Town, South Africa – I was barely 20 years old and always had a keen interest in the esoteric. I don’t recall how much they cost, certainly not cheap and it was the original Rider Waite deck. I purchased them on the way from work one afternoon and as soon as I got home I pulled them out of their box and started reading the little booklet that was included.

Oh wow! I was in absolute ecstacy and couldn’t wait to start a reading. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but pulled the cards and read the meanings. Of course, one of the first cards I got was The Tower – this card has come up for me so many times in my life and it always used to scare the heck out of me. As my understanding and respect for these amazing little cards of advice has grown, I have come to appreciate what The Tower actually means to me and look forward to receiving it as I now understand that its more about change and ego death than it is about absolute destruction.

There is definitely a lot of differing opinions on the Tarot – it is not for everyone – some see it as evil, others see it as a blessing – and there are probably those that don’t have an opinion at all. To me personally I find it to be a helpful guide at times when I’m struggling with a decision or when I just want to connect to my higher self. I would never base any major decisions just on the cards that I pull, but take it in the same vein as well meant advice from a really good friend. As with most things in life – we need to be realistic, grounded and use good judgement.

When doing readings, I focus on the person I’m reading for and the more spiritual aspects/guidance that the cards are conveying as opposed to the more main stream tactic of toxic love, high drama and general BS that has become so popular of late. I don’t know, perhaps some want to be perpetual victims – I prefer to use the Tarot to empower and enlighten.

What can the Tarot actually do for you? Well, they certainly are an aid or a guide at those times when we find ourselves at a crossroads or need to make a decision.

The Tarot and/or Oracle cards are really great to bring us comfort and peace of mind. I would definitely recommend using a gentler Tarot deck or Oracle cards when you find yourself distressed. If you already have your own deck/s, you will probably intuitively know what energy you receive from each deck. I would advise though that if you are particularly sensitive – avoid decks that make you uncomfortable. Again you will know what this is for you – we all have different tolerance levels.

Choosing a deck is up to the individual – I find that I am intuitively drawn to a deck and there are some that I just have to have – The Spirit Animal Oracle deck by Collette Baron Reid was the one for me – I had to pre-order and wait for my cards – but boy, were they worth the wait. From day 1 card 44 – Panther Spirit – has literally stalked me every single time I do a reading for myself. Whether she pops out in a reading, randomly jumps out during a shuffle or just happens to be at the bottom of the deck after shuffling. I suspect Panther has declared herself to be my spirit animal. 44 is also a constantly recurring number I see on a day to day basis – double confirmation from my guides for sure.

If you are into watching Tarot readings always be mindful to find a reader that resonates with you. There are some absolutely amazing readers on You Tube that have unknowingly helped me through my own spiritual journey and will forever have my absolute gratitude. Here are links to a few worth checking out: