Covid-19: Hope 4 humanity?

We are all more than aware of the virus that has affected us on a global scale – Coronavirus, strain Covid-19. What immediately pops into mind when I think of this virus are movies and tv series like The Stand, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, etc. Scary yes, and our biggest fear of course is the fear of the unknown.

This is an unprecedented occurrence in the Western world, a world where we are all about self, self-entitlement and rampant consumerism. Barely a care or thought is ever given to those around us, especially not the less fortunate.

Although I was born in England back in 1970, I spent 42 years – from 1973 to December 2015 living in Cape Town, South Africa. Considered a ‘third world’ country – where poverty, social imbalance, illness and just about all of the tough conditions you can imagine were considered normal. Despite the history and the harsh lifestyle, there was more of a sense of community there, more empathy for fellow countrymen and nowhere near as much consumerism as I found to be the case when I returned to England. It’s been a tough four years trying to assimilate into a culture so very removed from what I grew up in. The ‘first world’ was oh so very different to what I imagined it to be. I do often wonder how many other Saffa’s living over here (UK) feel the same way?

Now, I am sure you will have guessed by now that I am an ever awakening soul and as such after taking the ego, fear and hopelessness out of the equation once this escalated a week or so ago – I, as many others like me have started looking at this outbreak from a more spiritual standpoint.

As an aside, pop onto You Tube and watch the many videos that the seekers of the light are putting out into the community – positive messages of hope that are sure to brighten the lives of so many during these hard times.

My basic understanding of what a spiritual awakening is and what I have personally experienced:

  • A life changing event that acted as the catalyst
  • Life experienced on a far more emotional level
  • Self isolation and digging deep into the past to understand the present
  • Dealing with the shadow/darker aspects of the self
  • Releasing of the ego
  • Values shift from the material toward the spiritual
  • Locus of control shifts to the internal
  • Finding inner balance
  • Being honest with the self and taking personal responsibility
  • Making better lifestyle choices that are in alignment with moral and spiritual values
  • Being more authentic with the self and others
  • Being more in tune with nature

Looking at these 12 points, I cannot help but feel that we mostly live in direct opposition to this. What we have in abundance right now is greed, self-entitlement, over population, destruction of our environment, mental illness, anxiety, depression… I could go on, you get the picture, right? As it stands, we live contrary to how we should and it further stands to reason that something has to give. Our world cannot sustain us as we are, in the Tarot this would be found in receiving The Tower card in a reading. What is not built on a solid foundation will crumble, ego death and building something far more sustainable.

Perhaps good people, a disease like Covid-19 is exactly the catalyst required for us as a whole to start awakening to creating a better future for those who will come after us.

Perhaps it is time for us to start thinking about long term sustainability as opposed to this life of instant gratification. I know I certainly am, how about you?